"We LOVE Sunshine Classics digital…very easy to follow and set up."
Solway Primary Schoolstrong>

"The children enjoy the books, the activities and also the opportunity to record their reading."
Hastings Central School

"I use it regularly as part of my literacy programme. I have found it very easy to add classes and assign work."
Clifton Terrace School

"The system is working amazingly well, with not only the early readers, but also older children."
St. Michaels Catholic School

"I teach the new entrants. The children love it. "
Raumati South School

"This is absolutely fabulous. Kids using it mostly for homework when they don’t have a book. Have also used it for running records."
Manawaru school

"We trialled it with children in Years 5 and 6 who were struggling with reading and they loved it. "
Grey Main School

"Yes I used it with a small sample group of kids and found it easy to use. They were very motivated, particularly reluctant boys, who find reading hard."
Botany Downs Primary

"It is going off gang busters…very easy to use. Juniors are using it on the iPads. My favourite feature is the ability to record the students reading the story and then do an accuracy analysis."
Churchill Park School

"Some of our older lower achieving pupils use it as a reading option. We all find it positive to use. I think the activities are brilliant."
Grants Braes School

"As an administrator it is so easy to use. Setting new work is simple and I have used the poster sent out recently with the new books on the wall with the books all levelled in boxes so the children can find their book for recording. I have been trying to get kids to read and record themselves on photo booth for ages but now they just love doing it in Classics! Excellent service, excellent resource, can’t speak highly enough of it!"
Ahititi School

"I love the programme and use it daily. I find it very easy to use and the navigation as both a teacher and administrator is easy."
Plateau School

"We have subscribed to Sunshine Online in the school. Sunshine Classics is great too in that it can be tailored exactly to the child’s reading level. I use it almost every day in my reading programme. It is also great in that it can be accessed at home – another way that parents can be engaged in reading activities with their children."
Henderson Valley School

"It is very easy to use the children love it!! They all very much look forward to working with the programme each day. The teachers have commented on how straight forward it is."
Christ the King School

"Thank you for our Sunshine Classics online. The children love these books and are motivated to use the programme. I use this in the holidays especially for my class, to ensure reading maintenance."
Pinehurst School

"Love the Sunshine resources. I use them in my classroom daily. Also we have given parents the opportunity to use them at home and we have had an IT evening where I went through and explained how to use them at home with children. "
St. Anne’s School

"We are so pleased to have all the new books. We love reading them online and then having the book to take home."
Waikaia School

"We are investing heavily in the time and resources to strengthen Home School Partnerships and in particular, life reading engagement at home. Your support is greatly appreciated. "
Bluestone School

"Thanks for the opportunity to launch this without cost in our school. It’s a fantastic resource, and we wouldn’t be without it."
Mahora School

"We use the program both in class and for independent use at home."
Laingholm School